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Create Lasting Impact and Influence

Executive presence determines whether you gain access to opportunity. And, the more significant the opportunity, the more important executive presence becomes. ~ Polly Meyer


Building gravitas enables people to command respect, communicate with confidence and stand out from the crowd. In a competitive environment, gravitas helps people get promoted more quickly, build stronger relationships, win more business and get better results.


It's not just what you say, but how you say it. Your tone of voice, the words you choose, your ability to use silence and eye contact, your inflection, delivery and body language, your interpersonal skills...all shape other people’s perception of your effectiveness as a communicator. 


Appearance is the filter through which you are evaluated. And there’s more to appearance than what the eye meets. Looking your best has an impact on how you feel and makes a powerful statement of being effective and in control. 

High-performing companies around the world provide their most valuable leaders with executive coaching to accomplish the following:

Enhance leadership capabilities | Develop high-potentials | On-board new hires | Develop underperformers

Executive presence – Develop confidence, gravitas and influence 

How do others perceive you? The fact is, no matter what you are trying to achieve, the answer to that question will dictate your level of success.

Intelligence, expertise and hard work are important, but they’re not enough. When you want to be seen as a mature and confident leader, influencing across organizational levels, and needing to build strong relationships, you need executive presence.

What is executive presence?

Executive presence is a blend of core traits and competencies that send all the right signals. You know it when you see it. Leaders with executive presence have gravitas and poise. They’re calm under pressure, act decisively in a crisis, they communicate clearly, think on their feet and persuade others to take positive action. In short, they get results with people.

Some may be born with it, most of us aren’t. That’s where this training comes in. Each program is tailored according to your organizational or individual objectives.

Leaders in new roles, high-potential managers, executives, first-time leaders up to the CEO – I’ll guide you through the process of developing a compelling personal leadership brand that makes a greater impact.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Project mature confidence. Develop the interpersonal qualities of a leader who can easily connect and influence at all levels, from the most senior to the most junior.
  • Generate buy-in. Communicate with others in a clear, engaging way that wins their confidence and strong support for your ideas and proposals.
  • Achieve key objectives. Project a clear vision and harness the power of persuasion to drive change.
  • Look the part. Project an executive image that signals the right judgment in grooming and appearance—from business to business-casual.
  • Manage pressure. Maintain poise and composure under fire and in times of heightened stress – remain flexible and adaptable in response to uncertainty.

See for yourself how this training can transform high-potential people into trusted leaders.


"Polly Meyer is an extraordinarily insightful and uniquely gifted communications coach who was an immense help to me." Pam Myhra, CPA; Minnesota Federation of Republican Women, President; former Congressional candidate; former 2-term Minnesota state Representative


Why choose Polly Meyer?

  • A decade as a professionally trained commercial actor - I've performed in over one-hundred local, regional, and national television commercials and corporate videos. I'll teach you the tips and strategies of the pros.
  • A proven track record –CBS, HCMC, Honeywell, Ecolab—just a few of a cross-section of organizations that have already benefited from my tailored executive presence programs. 
  • A clear methodology –
    I’ll identify your desired outcomes, understand your current challenges, conduct stakeholder interviews, and assessments. Then we’ll develop a tailored program which clearly links learning and development to your personal and organizational objectives.
  • Measurable results – Goal-setting and action plans, 360-degree stakeholder feedback will support the program’s effectiveness and its long-term value to you and your organization. Depending on the selected format, mid-point and post-program assessments will serve to evaluate and refine your program in line with organizational performance goals.

In order to help me provide you with the best services and prices, please contact me at [email protected]

Limited scholarships are available.

Dynamic Training Packages

Executive Program - Lead from Within

  • 12 month program for corporate executives that identifies tipping point behaviors enabling leadership growth. High-touch coaching that is tailored to your needs and the goals of your organization. Unlimited accessibility - emails/texts.
  • Twice monthly calls or in-person sessions, dependent upon location. Training includes: building your leadership mindset and confidence, eliminating thoughts and behaviors that are hurting your impact as a leader, role-playing to give you practice before walking into make-or-break moments, developing your communication and interpersonal skills so you can make the impact you're wanting to make, developing your overall appearance so its more in line with your corporate culture.
  • Your important presentations, meetings, and events are added into my calendar, ensuring you'll receive timely text messages and emails filled with strategies and encouragement. Accountability is required.
  • Assessments, to give you greater insight into who you are, your gifts, talents and strengths. Know what to leverage when you're called to influence and lead. An Executive Development Plan is to help keep you on track.
  • Quarterly observations and stakeholder interviews. A well-rounded approach that builds key relationships within your organization while cultivating your gravitas, communication skills, appearance, and confidence.
Learn More About Executive Program

Momentum Program

  • 6 month program - 2 sessions per month - in person or conference calls, depending on location. Sessions are highly tailored to your goals and the overall goals of the organization. Resources, such as books and relevant articles that are in alignment with and supportive of your goals are delivered to your email box.
  • Strong emphasis on leadership growth, behavioral change, presentation skills, developing a leadership mindset, relationship building, persuasion, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Stakeholder input during first month, summary emails to stakeholders, and detailed session notes to you throughout training commitment. One assessment to give you greater insight in how to leverage your skills and talents. Executive Development Plan to keep you on course.
  • Unlimited access via email and texts. 
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Tier 3 Catalyst Program

  • 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions. This package is for you if you are preparing for a make-or-break moment, such as: giving a major presentation, a job interview, speaking to stakeholders and decision-makers, or speaking to the media.
  • An accelerated program, designed to help you make a powerful impact in the shortest amount of time. Focus is on strategic communications, building confidence, developing the right mindset, body language, and standing out for the right reasons. 
  • Unlimited access via email and follow-up texts that deliver strategies and encouragement on dates that are important to you. 
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