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Training that addresses the unique leadership requirements of political candidates and elected officials.


Download Bundle of Workbooks:

Develop Your Personal Narrative + Create Your Stump Speech + Nail Your Media Interviews.

Learn how to make a powerful impression when speaking in front of your audience or being interviewed by a reporter. This bundle includes three workbooks to walk you through step by step to craft your personal story, stump speech, main messages and message supports.


"She has given me more than I expected - feedback on my presentation skills, help identifying tics and bad habits, suggestions and exercises. I always leave her studio with my head full of ideas and techniques to remember, but also with new confidence that I can do what I need to do."  Don L. MN House of Representatives Candidate 

Transformative Private Coaching and Group Training

This is not an institute for policy or legislation. Candidate Institute teaches solid strategies to help you make a greater impact through communication, leadership, influence, and branding. You will find a variety of coaching and training options to fit most any budget and time constraints.


Building gravitas enables you to command respect, build stronger relationships, communicate with confidence and stand out from your competitors. Appearance and personal branding also fall under gravitas, as it is the filter through which you are often evaluated. Looking your best has an impact on how you feel and makes a powerful statement of being effective and in control. 


Stump speeches, media interviews, and debates. It's not just what you say, but how you say it. Your tone of voice, the words you choose, your ability to use silence and eye contact, your inflection, delivery and body language...all shape other people’s perception of your effectiveness as a communicator and leader. Learn how to build a coherent and compelling message that increases your visibility, supporters, and funds. 


Running for office is expensive, even for local elections. Learn how to create a steady, growing revenue base for your campaign. Build trusting relationships with donors. Learn how to raise funds through personal requests, create a persuasive case for giving, plan organized events, and learn proven direct mail strategies - all while leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

Training Options

Candidate training is individualized to meet your goals, needs and budget. Whichever training program you choose, I strive to know you, your vision and your goals so we can truly act as partners in the context of a supportive and high-trust, confidential relationship. In order to help me provide you with the best services and prices, please contact me at [email protected]. Limited scholarships are available.

Gold Package

6-12 month commitment. High touch, personalized coaching that is tailored to your needs and the goals of your campaign. This coaching is transformative as it includes unlimited accessibility to me between our 1:1 sessions: emails/texts/conference calls.

Two monthly sessions - call in or in-person depending on location. And these sessions are as long as you need them to be. Your important presentations, media interviews, and fundraisers are added into my calendar, ensuring you'll receive timely strategies, check-ins, and follow ups. This is important, because it builds your executive presence quickly, and gives you the confidence you need when walking into any arena. 

Training Covers:

  • Powerful communication techniques - including non-verbals.- This piece is GOLD if you have anxiety around public speaking.
  • Learn to engage with the media and nail your on-camera interviews.
  • Hone your speaking skills and deliver speeches that move your audiences. Learn to use the microphone, podium, and stage.
  • Learn how to craft your messaging to make a powerful impact.
  • Make authentic and positive connections when you engage voters, donors and delegates when giving stump speeches, out door-knocking, and participating in events.
  • Participate in mock debates tailored to your circumstances. You'll feel more confident answering debate questions and when engaging your opponent. 
  • Experience greater confidence and poise in situations that would normally trigger nervousness or create anxiety.
  • Eliminate thoughts and behaviors that are hurting your impact.
  • Assessments: Illuminates your strengths and blind spots to enhance your leadership abilities. 
  • Hold your own in high-pressure settings. 
  • Special attention to appearance and personal branding, as it's the first filter voters and delegates use when assessing you as a candidate.
  • Enhance your overall leadership presence.
  • Simple and effective video strategies to make your own social media videos. 


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Silver Program

6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions. This package is for you if you are preparing for a make-or-break moment, such as: preparing your announcement speech, a major stump speech, a media interview, preparing for a political debate, or building rapport with donors and delegates.

An accelerated program, designed to help you make a powerful impact in the shortest amount of time. Focus is on strategic communications, building your confidence, taming nervousness, developing the right mindset, body language, making a powerful connection, and standing out for the right reasons. 

Unlimited access via email and follow-up texts that deliver strategies and encouragement on important dates. 

Inquire about available scholarships.


Powerful Group Classes

Group classes and dates will be announced in the Spring 2019. If you would like to host a group class, please contact me - [email protected]

Individual courses and seminars:

  • Public Speaking
  • Creating Your Stump Speech
  • Debate Prep
  • Media Interviews
  • Fundraising Workshops
  • Persuasive Communications
  • Personal Branding
  • Creating Videos for Social Media and Website



"She is wonderfully adept at polishing your personal presence and I find myself using many of the things she taught me almost every day.  Her course isn’t just for the politician or future model or TV personality; her course is for the everyday person.  It exposed for me things that nobody else had the courage to tell me and taught me how to present to the world the person I most want to be….me. It is the best money I have spent on myself in a long time."      - Minnesota Congressional Candidate


The majority of my candidate clients have gone on to achieve hard-won endorsements and seats in Minnesota races. Your referrals to my consulting firm can directly impact the outcomes of your chosen candidates success, therefore, affecting the policies that are important to you, your community, and the State you live in. Nerdy, geeky, and awkward candidates are my specialty. I'd be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your candidate, their current needs, and their vision for success.

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She is wonderfully adept at polishing your personal presence. It is the best money I have spent on myself in a long time." ~ Pam M. MN State Auditor Candidate



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