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Executive Coaching & Team Coaching

Polly Meyer: Signature Executive Coaching


Where your executive journey can transform into a narrative of influence and innovation. As an ICF Certified Executive Coach, I specialize in elevating C-Level Executives, Senior Leaders, and Legislative Professionals to new pinnacles of success.


How do others perceive you? The fact is, no matter what you are trying to achieve, the answer to that question will dictate your level of success. Intelligence, expertise and hard work are important, but they are not enough.


Perception shapes reality.¬†True influence arises when you embody the essence of a leader‚ÄĒmature confidence, poised, and strategic‚ÄĒcapable of navigating complexity with grace. For this transformation, a trusted adviser is crucial, one who offers precise, personalized guidance to refine your presence and amplify your impact across all tiers of interaction.¬†


Are you ready to:

  • Cultivate executive behaviors that resonate with authority and authenticity?
  • Navigate leadership transitions with strategic, actionable insights?
  • Articulate your vision with the gravitas of a seasoned public figure?
  • Unify your team‚Äôs diverse strengths towards a common pinnacle of excellence?


Pave your way to enduring leadership with coaching that is as unique as your fingerprint. My clientele spans the spectrum from corporate leaders, news anchors, to seated lawmakers - all sharing the aspiration to transcend the ordinary.


As a leadership coach, facilitator, and founding partner of Executive Development Consultants, I have been studying, practicing, and teaching conscious leadership since 2011, supporting individuals to make powerful shifts in behaviors and awareness that strengthen their capacity to lead across professional and personal contexts. 


My coaching methodology is grounded in a blend of assessments, science-backed research, and strategy development. This personalized approach is designed to craft and deliver bespoke leadership education and experiences that are at the forefront of executive development. This approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of personal leadership styles but also equips you with effective communication skills, greater executive presence, and practical skills for targeted decision-making, change management, and navigating team dynamics.


TESTIMONIAL: "Honestly immeasurable. Polly's coaching helped me to reach higher levels of confidence and performance. Her insight is invaluable. And her training is creative and impactful." Tom H. Vice President, Aerospace Global Business Enterprise



Discover the difference a dedicated executive coach can make. Reach out to explore a collaboration that refines, enhances, and elevates your leadership.


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Executive Coaching  Senior Leaders

Political Leadership Development

Public Speaking & Media Training 

Keynote Speaker & Workshops

When should you consider executive coaching?

‚úďIdeal for organizations seeking bespoke executive coaching solutions to nurture and expand their pool of senior leadership talent. Tailored to amplify leadership quality and foster a culture of excellence.


‚úď You've been promoted to a senior position that requires a shift in leadership presence, and you need specialized, yet practical guidance to help you zero in on the areas that will bring immediate improvement and results.


‚úď Surrounded by competing agendas? Benefit from unbiased, strategic advice to make informed decisions amidst complex dynamics.

You’re an incumbent or candidate and need to project a higher level of executive presence and gravitas, master the art of speech-making, give compelling interviews, and participate with dynamism in forums and debates.


‚ústYou want to be considered for succession planning, but feel you're being held back by misconceptions of what you're capable of,¬†and need to reposition yourself as a prime candidate for future leadership roles.

You're a spokesperson or On-Air Talent and need to refine your media presence with bespoke training and professional branding coaching to stay on message and captivate your audience.

You want an electrifying Keynote Speaker or Workshop Facilitator to ENERGIZE, ENTERTAIN, and MOTIVATE your virtual or live audiences.


‚úď You're giving a pivotal presentation and need to form powerful connections with the audience and deliver your message with confidence and clarity.


¬†‚úst Your leadership team has their individual agendas, and need to foster a unified direction with leadership development and communications training, aligning everyone towards a shared vision.¬†



"You've given me great insights and targeted guidance in regards to what I was focusing on." ~ P. Lilly, SVP Food Manufacturing Industry

"I really felt like you were invested in my success, and there’s no other feeling like that - when someone from outside of the organization supports you and is invested in your success." ~ Rashanda B Associate, Robins-Kaplan Law Firm


FACILITATED WORKSHOPS FOR LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATION: I have developed comprehensive leadership development resources for teams and leaders including WCCO, Kohler, Project Management Institute, SC Johnson & Co, Hennepin Healthcare, The Libertarian Party, Cub Foods, 3M, & Honeywell. Connect with me to discuss how executive coaching can unlock your full potential.


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"This was absolutely invaluable."

- Cali Weddle, Miss Outstanding Teen Minnesota 

"Thank you for coaching me to be my own kind of champion."

– Carisa Rasmussen, Motivational Speaker, Frequently seen on Fox 9, Course Creator

Featured Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching & Team Coaching

Powerful Leadership Development Training

Our Executive Coaching programs are designed to catalyze profound transformations. Coaching  meticulously nurtures positive leadership behaviors, effective communication styles, and a robust executive presence. Tailored specifically for C-Level executives, senior leaders, and those stepping into new pivotal roles, our coaching helps you stand out in an environment where attention is a premium.


Media Training & Spokesperson Training

The camera doesn’t miss much. Neither do I. When you stand before the camera or in front of a microphone, you’re not just making an appearance, you’re making an impression. Nailing that first impression with even one media engagement can open countless doors of opportunity. Whether you're the reporter or the interviewee, this training can show you how to make the best impression possible.


Professional Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Keynotes, Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

Polly designs and delivers HIGH-ENERGY, STRATEGY-FILLED virtual and in-person keynotes, presentations and workshops. Her keynotes are high-energy, and her virtual presentations use all the tech and gadgets you'll find in a professional production studio. A professional commercial actor with over a decade of experience, Polly knows how to engage and entertain a virtual and in-person audience. Learn more about what Polly and her team can do for your next event or workshop. 



Political Leadership Development

Advance your political career with coaching tailored to the unique demands of public leadership. The Candidate Institute merges solid research with practical strategies, providing focused coaching and interactive workshops. Prepare for public speaking, effective messaging, media engagement, debate tactics, relational skills, and authentic personal branding. Transform your approach to ensure a confident and resonant political identity.


Online Course: The Art & Science of Extraordinary Executive Presence

Get rigorously trained by Polly Meyer, in this value-packed online course.

This transformational online course gives you the techniques and strategies of the pros, and is designed to give you a competitive and charismatic edge. You will gain a better understanding of how others experience you; learn how to increase your influence and magnetism; master your people skills, and start getting noticed for all the right reasons.


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