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Meet Polly

Polly takes you from ordinary to extraordinary by teaching you powerful strategies that will build your confidence, develop your personal brand, and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

More importantly, she helps people just like you cultivate and build their leadership presence, because lets get real, no one wants to come across as dull, awkward, or make a weak impression when they're pitching to decision-makers, voters, or investors. 


"Polly is extremely present and super engaged, guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks! YOU will take that ego boost along with her amazing training skills, put it together and voila' ingredients to move forward with 100% results! You will love her Executive Leadership Consulting! I highly recommend!!" ~ Gloria CS, Sales



When should you consider executive coaching?

  • You're at a new phase in your life and you want to stand out for all the right reasons.
  • You're entering a high-profile race, and need to come across as confident, warm, charismatic, and with high integrity and a dynamic presence.
  • You want to move up in your company and you need to take control of your reputation.
  • You want to be considered for succession planning, but feel you're being held back by misconceptions of what you're capable of.
  • You've been laid off and need to ensure you're in the best position possible to land a new job quickly.
  • You're giving a make-or-break presentation or an on-camera interview, and need to make a powerful connection with the viewing audience.
  • You're experiencing a phase of low-confidence, that's causing you to get in your own way or are reactive in your relationships - particularly with difficult people.
  • You know you'd be a great titleholder, but realize you can't win by just putting on a beautiful gown and walking across the stage in high heels.
  • You're an entrepreneur in the early stages of your company, and need strategies to develop your confidence, brand, business model, and value pricing.


The potent elixir of confidence, charisma, and a dynamic brand can help you create lasting connections, feel more poised in social situations, and stand out amongst competitors.

Master these things and your life changes forever. 

Polly's training is a mix of psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion with a smidge of spirituality tossed in for good measure. Executives, elected officials and candidates, entrepreneurs, managers, medical providers, pageant contestants, and speakers from all over the United States have benefitted from Polly's innovative training programs, presentations, and online courses.

Make no mistake, executive presence, charisma, and confidence, are THE greatest asset and career-changing skills on the planet. 

Intermediate Motivational Interviewing and Strength-based Training

Intermediate Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NAWBO Award Recipient Innovation in Service 2016

MN State Certified TBG - CERT Certified WOB - WIOA Approved (Exempt)


"This was absolutely invaluable."

- Cali Weddle, Miss Outstanding Teen Minnesota 2016

"Thank you for coaching me to be my own kind of champion."

– Carisa Rasmussen, Motivational Speaker, Course Creator

Featured Programs with Polly Meyer

Momentum Coaching

Powerful One-On-One Executive Presence Training

We've all been there, right? 

You need to be engaging and exude confidence, but you’re legitimately out of your comfort zone. And playing it safe won’t get you noticed. Nor will it get your ideas adopted, the promotion you're after, nor grow your company or sales. 

It goes without saying, powerful first impressions are critical in business. Whether you're meeting others for the first time at a networking event, applying for a new job or having to persuade decision-makers, executive presence helps you to achieve your goals. ‚ÄčIt can also give you a competitive edge.

In a world of limited attention, my training can show you what to do in order to stand out, engage, and influence others!


Online Course: The Art & Science of Extraordinary Executive Presence

Get rigorously trained by Polly Meyer, in this value-packed online course.

Why do some people move up the corporate ladder while others struggle? Most of us don't realize the cost of lacking executive presence, or the power we'd gain if we improved our presence. Without a doubt, executive presence is absolutely crucial in business. It can be the difference between getting a massive payday or nothing at all. 

This exceptional online training teaches you how to rapidly build trust and establish lasting loyalty, influence and motivate decision-makers, and develop rock solid leadership confidence. This training gives you the tools you need to stand out, feel more at ease in conversations, and make powerful impressions.


Professional Speaker

Keynotes, Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

Polly designs and delivers HIGH-ENERGY, STRATEGY-FILLED presentations!  Learn more about what Polly can do for your next team coaching or large event.



The Candidate Bootcamp

Highly engaged learning that will give you a competitive edge when you're in front of voters, donors, and decision-makers.

Have you ever wondered how great candidates make such powerful impressions on their constituents and peers? How are they able to authentically and easily engage people when door-knocking, giving on-camera interviews, and presenting in front of decision-makers and donors? This training uses sound science and practical strategies that walk you through from start to finish, coaching you in developing a charismatic, powerful, and confident presence.

This training can determine whether voters and colleagues view you as a follower or as a leader.


Upcoming Events

Launch Happiness Vision Board Workshop 


This is not your typical vision board party!
Do you CRAVE time to reflect, focus, and gain some clarity? Are you longing for a day of grownup FUN? Then grab your girlfriends and a wine glass, and spend a Saturday with us setting powerful intentions and life-changing goals for 2019!
Come join us on Saturday, December 29th in my cozy Minneapolis studio for wine, lunch, and motivating speakers. Create a powerful tool to manifest your BEST LIFE!

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