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Executive Coaching & Team Coaching

Meet Polly Meyer

The trainer of choice for C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders in high-growth, agile, and technology-focused organizations. Best in class for delivering leading-edge leadership education and experiences.


How do others perceive you? 

The fact is, no matter what you are trying to achieve, the answer to that question will dictate your level of success. Intelligence, expertise and hard work are important, but they’re not enough. 

When you want to be seen as a mature and confident leader who can engage and influence across levels, present with confidence, with the right mindset and behaviors to tackle complex challenges with poise and composure, you need a trusted adviser who can provide specific and targeted guidance.


Executive coaching helps senior leaders develop the key behaviors, executive presence, and communication skills that are required in today's global business climate. 

Unprecedented events are placing new demands upon your leaders. They are being stretched to new levels, held to higher standards, and expected to navigate uncharted territory. Even the best can buckle and need help.

Science-backed, assessment-driven coaching can establish foundational building blocks to ignite and accelerate transformation in your leaders.


As an ICF Certified Executive Coach, I partner with key stakeholders to deliver leading edge, tailored leadership education and experiences.  

Located in Minneapolis, coaching and training sessions can be in person or conducted virtually.  


"Polly is extremely present and super engaged, guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks! YOU will take that ego boost along with her amazing training skills, put it together and voila' ingredients to move forward with 100% results! You will love her Executive Leadership Consulting! I highly recommend!!" ~ Gloria CS, Sales


Clientele includes C-Suite executives, senior leaders and their teams, State Senators, House Representatives and gubernatorial candidates, keynote speakers, spokespersons and news anchors.




Executive Presence Coaching

Candidate Institute Political Arena

Public Speaking & Media Training 

Keynote Speaker Presenter & Trainer 

When should you consider executive coaching?

✓ Your organization requires highly tailored executive coaching to develop senior leaders to increase the quality and availability of senior leadership talent.

✓ You've been promoted to a senior position that requires a shift in leadership presence, and you need specialized, yet practical guidance to help you zero in on the areas that will bring immediate improvement and results.


 You’re surrounded by stakeholders with competing agendas, and you make all decisions without the benefit of unbiased advice.

✓ You’re an incumbent or candidate and need to project a higher level of executive presence and gravitas when speech-making, giving interviews, and participating in forums and debates.


✓ You want to be considered for succession planning, but feel you're being held back by misconceptions of what you're capable of. 

✓ You're an On-Air Talent or news anchor and need personalized media training and professional branding coaching.

✓ You want Professional Keynote Speaker to ENERGIZE, ENTERTAIN, and MOTIVATE your virtual or live audience.


✓ You're a spokesperson giving a make-or-break presentation or an on-camera interview, and need to make a powerful connection with the audience.


 ✓  Your leadership team has their individual agendas, making it difficult to work towards a common goal. They require leadership development and communications training.


"I have a whole new outlook on things. I feel so much more aware and in control of myself and surroundings. So Thank You, and whatever voodoo you used, it's working!" ~ Vidal, Manager




"This was absolutely invaluable."

- Cali Weddle, Miss Outstanding Teen Minnesota 2016

"Thank you for coaching me to be my own kind of champion."

– Carisa Rasmussen, Motivational Speaker, Frequently seen on Fox 9, Course Creator

Featured Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching

Powerful Leadership Development Training

It goes without saying, powerful impressions are critical in business. The more senior you become, the more executive presence is required.

Executive presence is about your ability to inspire trust and confidence — in senior leaders, amongst colleagues and peers, clients and direct reports.

Executive Coaching guides you through powerful transformations, as it develops positive leadership behaviors, communications style, and overall executive presence. This coaching serves C-Level, senior leaders, and leaders transitioning into new roles. In a world of limited attention, my training can show you how to make a more powerful impact on those around you. 


Media Training

The camera doesn’t miss much. Neither do I. When you stand before the camera or in front of a microphone, you’re not just making an appearance, you’re making an impression. Nailing that first impression with even one media engagement can open countless doors of opportunity. With today's environment, more and more camera appearances are happening from home. Whether you're the reporter or the interviewee, this training can show you how to make the best impression possible.


Professional Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Keynotes, Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

Polly designs and delivers HIGH-ENERGY, STRATEGY-FILLED virtual and in-person keynotes, presentations and workshops. Her keynotes are high-energy, and her virtual presentations use all the tech and gadgets you'll find in a professional production studio. A professional commercial actor for over a decade, Polly knows how to engage and entertain a virtual and in-person audience. Learn more about what Polly and her team can do for your next event or workshop. National Speakers Association member.



Candidate Institute

Highly tailored training that addresses the unique challenges and diverse leadership requirements of elected officials and emerging candidates.

Using sound science and proven strategies, Candidate Institute offers private coaching programs and group classes to prepare you for public speaking, strategic messaging, engaging with the media, debate prep, mastering people skills, and personal branding. 

This training is nothing less than transformative!


Online Course: The Art & Science of Extraordinary Executive Presence

Get rigorously trained by Polly Meyer, in this value-packed online course.

This transformational online course gives you the techniques and strategies of the pros, and is designed to give you a competitive and charismatic edge. You will gain a better understanding of how others experience you; learn how to increase your influence and magnetism; master your people skills, and start getting noticed for all the right reasons.


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