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High-performing companies around the world provide their most valuable leaders with executive coaching to accomplish the following:

Executive coaching – Personal development that leads to business success.

Your organization’s success hinges on the personal effectiveness of its leaders. Increase their self-awareness, communication skills, their ability to influence beyond formal authority - and the entire organization reaps the benefits.

Polly Meyer executive coaching produces both the business results you need now, and the personal transformation that drives future success. Aligning the development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization, I provide a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where your leaders can gain valuable insights and develop positive new behaviors.

Here are just a few of the issues I can help with:

  • Executive presence – Learn how to project mature self-confidence, poise under pressure, authenticity, empathy, warmth and strength. Develop a blend of persuasive leadership competencies that inspire trust, enthusiasm and buy-in.
  • Communication skills – Whether it’s a high-stakes meeting, a hallway chat with a colleague or a townhall meeting with the entire organization, failure to get the right message across can be costly. I help leaders communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization – from the boardroom to the watercooler.
  • Leadership management skills –Your strongest future leaders are already within your organization. Uncover their potential, help them develop sustainable results-driven leadership competencies and your entire organization will develop with them.
  • Transitioning into new leadership roles – Speed up mastery of the new challenges. From quickly digesting new information and developing new competencies to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries, we can help your leaders hit the ground running in their new role and add value from day one.
  • Increasing emotional & social intelligence – When it comes to accomplishing shared objectives, EQ matters as much as IQ. Learn a range of skillsets that drive success – team leadership and collaboration, how to build trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, resilience and conflict management.

To learn more about my executive coaching approach and how I help high-potential managers and executives improve performance, get in touch.

"She is a game changer, a career changer!!!" ~ Haley Jennings, Assistant Director of Development at Texas A&M Foundation


Why Polly Meyer?

In short, a wealth of experience combined with a transparent, results-driven methodology. I strive to know you, your mission, and your goals, so we can truly act as partners.

  • A track record of success – I have worked with a wide variety of organizations - Fortune 500 companies such as EcoLab, Honeywell, and CBS, count on my expertise, as do state-run agencies, other large organizations and small entrepreneurial start-ups. This unique perspective has shaped my ability to empathize and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.
  • Experienced – I combine deep empathy, clear communication skills, business expertise, a background in personal branding and the love of neuroscience, physiology and psychology behind effective leadership. Your leaders will feel at ease, open up and truly engage in their personal development.
  • Measurable progress – My methodology focuses on comprehensive assessment, actionable feedback, clear outcomes, tailored guidance and long-term accountability. Regular stakeholder interviews and mini 360-degree feedback sessions allow for review of progress and effectiveness of each coaching program. If adjustments are needed, they can be made in real time to refine a program in line with performance and organizational goals.

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"Although most Gen X leaders aren’t looking outside for a new job, they are seeking more external development and coaching than any other generation. In fact, leaders from this generational cohort are much more likely than either Millennial or Baby Boomer leaders to prefer external coaching over internal coaching. Most notably, 67 percent of Gen X leaders said they would like more external coaching, compared to only 47 percent who said they want more coaching from their managers—a 20 percent difference." ~ 2016 Nielsen Social Media Report

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