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HighlyTailored Coaching Program for C-Suite and Senior Leaders 


Your organization’s success hinges on the personal effectiveness of its leaders. Increase their self-awareness, develop their communication skills and leadership capabilities, and the entire organization reaps the benefits.

What others are saying

“You’ve changed my life. How I do business, am present with others, and even the way I look at myself is better because of you. I am grateful.” Anissa K, President - Health Services Industry



Develop Your Key Executives To Reach New Heights

How do others perceive you? The fact is, no matter what you are trying to achieve, the answer to that question will dictate your level of success.

Intelligence, expertise and hard work are important, but they’re not enough. When you want to be seen as a mature and confident leader, influencing across organizational levels, and needing to build strong relationships, you need executive presence and strong leadership skills.

Coaching guides you through the process of developing a compelling personal leadership brand that makes a greater impact on those around you. My clients make great progress in achieving their coaching goals, and many are promoted to higher levels within their organizations.  

What is executive presence?

Executive presence is a blend of core traits and competencies that send all the right signals. You know it when you see it. Leaders with executive presence have gravitas. They’re calm under pressure, act decisively in a crisis, they communicate clearly, think on their feet and persuade others to take positive action. In short, they get results with people.

Some may be born with it, most of us aren’t. That’s where executive coaching comes in. I offer highly tailored, concierge coaching programs designed to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Project mature confidence. Develop the interpersonal qualities of a leader who can easily connect and influence at all levels, from the most senior to the most junior.
  • Generate buy-in and strategic alignment. Communicate with others in a clear, engaging way that wins their confidence and strong support for your ideas and proposals. Increase alignment and a common/shared language.
  • Achieve key objectives. Project a clear vision and harness the power of persuasion to drive change.
  • Look the part. Project an executive image that signals the right judgment in grooming and appearance—from business to business-casual.
  • Manage pressure. Maintain poise and composure under fire and in times of heightened stress – remain flexible and adaptable in response to uncertainty.
  • Business optimization. Enhance professional development, execution, and performance for better outcomes.
  • Build strategic allies. Develop professional relationships and gain rich feedback to achieve objectives.
  • Develop key leadership skills. Gain insights in delegating projects, solving business challenges, building trust, being decisive, meeting conflict head on.


Testimonial: "Honestly immeasurable. Polly's coaching helped me to reach higher levels of confidence and performance. Her insight is invaluable. And her training is creative and impactful." Tom H. Vice President (A&TS) Global Business Enterprise 


6-12 month Coaching Programs

  • High-touch, data-driven coaching that is tailored to your needs and the goals of your organization.
  • Transformational, twice-monthly coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes. Longer sessions are built in so you're prepared for make-or-break moments when they arise.
  • Feedback-rich assessments to cultivate awareness and accelerate professional development. Assessments provide valuable insights as we build a professional development plan explicitly linked to your role expectations. Learn what pitfalls to avoid and know what strengths to leverage when you're called to influence and lead.
  • Highly detailed session notes to client and resources with accountability check-ins between coaching sessions.
  • Accountability is baked into the program to help keep you moving towards your goals.
  • Role-playing to give you practice before walking into make-or-break moments.
  • Access to a private Coaching Portal where your session notes, assessments, and resources are housed. 
  • Unlimited accessibility for those moments when you need to talk something through, need a boost of confidence, or conduct a debrief after important meetings and presentations.


Benefits to You and Your Organization:

  • Prepare for the next level of leadership.
  • Gain fresh perspectives on complex issues to optimize business decisions and results.
  • Gain skills to communicate effectively and command a room.  
  • Create a power base of professional relationships and strategic allies.
  • Enhance professional presence, development, and performance. 
  • Develop intrapersonal skills to boost awareness and build confidence.
  • Identify and eliminate thoughts and behaviors that diminish your effectiveness as a leader while applying behavioral shifts so you can execute effectively.
  • Leadership Optimization: Learn to be a more effective, aligned, proactive decision-maker.
  • Trusted guidance and expertise to spur new approaches to solving business challenges.
  • Stakeholder Surveys to assess progress and perceptions. Summary Progress Reports mid-way and at end of coaching (if required)

I offer a limited number of training scholarships. Contact me for more information.



This coaching program offers a scalable and economical pathway to provide Leadership Development by combining 1:1 and group coaching.

 Six-month coaching programs that meet the needs of your leadership teams:

  • Tailored monthly 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • Assessment-based coaching that zeroes in on strengths, blindspots, and opportunities for growth.
  • Improve accountability—Monthly group sessions reinforce learning and behavioral change. Group members hold one another accountable by practicing their skills outside of the sessions.
  • Problem-based learning approach—Leaders apply the skills they learn each month to current organizational issues.
  • Increase efficiency— Monthly 90-minute powerful group coaching sessions. Avoid losing key leaders to multi-day training events.
  • Create consistency—Leaders learn the same skills and develop common language and tools.
  • Personalize improvement—Participants learn as a group and integrate the lessons on an individual level.
  • Build internal capacity—After the program ends, participants continue to use peer coaching to sustain results.

See for yourself how this training can transform you into a more confident and trusted leader. A limited number of training scholarships are available each year.


Testimonial: "My confidence has really ramped up and I am seeing it come across on air. I have seen noticeable improvements in my communications and I am really happy with such big improvements in my craft." Lisa M, News Meteorologist 



And For Managers...

Professional Development Training & Workshops

Why choose Polly Meyer?

  • ICF Approved Certified Executive Coach
  • A proven track record –CBS Viacom, HCMC, Honeywell, Ecolab, MN State Senators and House Representatives — just a few of a cross-section of organizations that have already benefited from my executive coaching and communications programs. I partner with business leaders, HR, and key stakeholders to deliver leading edge, tailored leadership education and experiences.  
  • A clear methodology – Through assessments and stakeholder-rich feedback, we’ll identify your strengths, blindspots, and opportunities for growth. Then we’ll develop a tailored program that clearly links learning and development to your personal and organizational objectives. Accountability is baked into the program.
  • Measurable results – Depending on the selected format, mid-point and post-program assessments and surveys will serve to evaluate and refine your program to achieve professional, personal, and organizational performance goals.
  • A decade as a professionally trained commercial actor - I've performed in over one-hundred local, regional, and national television commercials and corporate videos. I'll teach you the tips and strategies of the pros.

In order to help me provide you with the best services and prices, please contact me at [email protected].

NOTE: As with any personal growth program your results with executive coaching may vary from client  testimonials. Your results will be based on variables such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, I cannot guarantee your success or results, nor am I responsible for your success or failure. Executive coaching is not a “magic bullet.” It takes effort and dedication. 
I provide you with a great toolbox to achieve your desired results.



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