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HighlyTailored Coaching Program for C-Suite and Senior Leaders 


Your organization’s success hinges on the personal effectiveness of its leaders. Increase their self-awareness, develop their communication skills and leadership capabilities, and the entire organization reaps the benefits.

What others are saying

“You’ve changed my life. How I do business, am present with others, and even the way I look at myself is better because of you. I am grateful.” Anissa K, President - Health Services Industry


Elevate Your Leadership: The Power of Executive Presence

Develop Your Key Executives To Reach New Heights

Understanding the Impact of Perception

How you're perceived is a pivotal factor in your professional journey. It's not just about intelligence, expertise, or diligence. True leadership success hinges on your executive presence - the profound ability to influence, connect, and lead with confidence at every organizational level.


Cultivating Your Leadership Brand

My assessment-based, coaching approach is tailored to nurture your unique leadership persona. It transcends beyond basic coaching goals, empowering many clients to ascend to higher organizational roles. We focus on crafting a personal leadership brand and legacy that leaves a lasting, significant impact.


What Defines Executive Presence?

Executive presence is an amalgamation of key traits and abilities that signify leadership effectiveness. It's the gravitas seen in leaders who remain composed under pressure, communicate with clarity, and inspire action. These leaders are not just born; they are made through focused development.


Bespoke Executive Coaching for Transformative Growth

My concierge, research-backed coaching programs are meticulously designed to align with your personal and professional aspirations, offering:

  • Confidence Projection: Cultivate the interpersonal skills to connect and influence across the hierarchy.
  • Strategic Communication: Engage others compellingly to gain support for your visions and initiatives.
  • Visionary Leadership: Articulate a clear vision and utilize persuasion to drive meaningful change.
  • Professional Image: Master the art of presenting yourself in a manner that reflects sound judgment and adaptability.
  • Grace Under Pressure: Develop resilience to manage stress and navigate uncertainty with poise.
  • Business Optimization: Enhance your professional execution and performance for optimal outcomes.
  • Building Strategic Alliances: Forge valuable relationships and leverage feedback to fulfill objectives.
  • Leadership Skill Enhancement: Acquire skills in delegation, conflict resolution, trust-building, and decisive action.



"Honestly immeasurable. Polly's coaching helped me to reach higher levels of confidence and performance. Her insight is invaluable. And her training is creative and impactful." Tom H. Vice President Aerospace Global Business Enterprise 


I strive to deliver results observable not only by the leaders I coach, but also by the organizations that depend on them.



Delivering A Comprehensive Approach to Leadership Excellence

We delve into key leadership development areas:

  • Leading People Through Change:  Increase your capacity for leading successful change initiatives.
  • High-Pressure Resilience: Learn techniques to remain calm and decisive under pressure, turning challenging situations into opportunities for growth.
  • Advanced Presentation Skills: Hone your ability to communicate ideas compellingly, engaging and persuading diverse audiences with confidence.
  • Effective Delegation: Master the art of delegating efficiently, empowering your team while focusing on strategic leadership responsibilities.
  • Conflict Resolution: Navigate conflicts adeptly, fostering a collaborative environment and resolving issues constructively.
  • Team Building and Motivation: Cultivate a strong, cohesive team dynamic, driving collective success through motivation and clear direction.
  • Strategic Thinking & Decision-Making: Strategic thinking is essential for effective leadership. Cultivating a strategic mindset enables you to see the big picture, align actions with goals, and drive meaningful outcomes.
  • Shadowing
  • Balancing Work & Life


Your Path to Leadership Transformation

Tailored to your unique challenges and goals, coaching offers personalized strategies to enhance your leadership style.

Unlike large scale, virtual “coaching” platforms comprised of online readings or learning modules, punctuated by short accountability “check ins” by a trainer/coach, this high-touch service is designed for a company’s most valued leaders, for whom cutting corners is not an option.

At the heart of my approach lies a relationship of trust, mutual respect and honest feedback. Executive Coaching creates a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment where positive shifts can happen. 


From Clients Who Lead by Example:

"I really felt like you were invested in my success, and there’s no other feeling like that - when someone from outside of the organization supports you and is invested in your success." ~ R. Bruce, Associate Robins-Kaplan

"I have to say, this has been a positive experience and I have conveyed that to other people in the organization, because there are others who could benefit from this coaching." ~ P. Ward, Director - HHRI


Start Your Leadership Transformation: Connect with me to discuss how executive coaching can unlock your full potential.



9 & 12 Month Coaching Programs

Tailored, Data-Driven Executive Coaching for Transformative Leadership

Bespoke Coaching for Maximum Impact Experience high-touch, data-driven coaching meticulously tailored to align with your unique needs and your organization's strategic goals. Our transformational coaching sessions, scheduled bi-monthly and lasting 60-90 minutes, are designed to prepare you for those critical, make-or-break moments in your career.

In-Depth, Insightful Assessments Leverage feedback-rich assessments to gain deep self-awareness and accelerate your professional development. These assessments are integral in crafting a customized development plan that resonates with your specific role and leadership aspirations. Learn to navigate potential pitfalls and effectively utilize your strengths to influence and lead.

Comprehensive Support and Accountability Receive detailed session notes and curated resources, accompanied by regular accountability check-ins to ensure consistent progress towards your goals. Our program embeds accountability, ensuring you remain focused and driven.

Practical Role-Playing Exercises Engage in realistic role-playing scenarios to hone your skills and confidence before facing critical leadership moments.

Exclusive Access to a Private Coaching Portal Your personal Coaching Portal houses all session notes, assessments, and resources, offering an organized and accessible hub for your coaching journey.

On-Demand Coaching Support Benefit from unlimited access to coaching support for those urgent moments needing immediate advice, confidence boosts, or debriefs post-key meetings and presentations.


Client Praise

"Thank you for helping me to build my version 2.0." ~ JD Aguilera, VP Engineering - Verisk


Partner with us for a coaching experience that not only transforms your leadership but also delivers enduring value to your organization.




Our unique Leadership Coaching Program for Teams and Groups is an efficient, value-driven approach to fostering leadership excellence. By blending individual and group coaching, we offer a scalable solution that elevates your entire leadership team.

In many organizations, senior teams are not teams at all, but rather a group of functional and business unit heads with little inclination to cooperate with one another. But when an organization’s leaders become effective team leaders and align and motivate, powerful things happen: trust is built, barriers are broken down, and differences are leveraged rather than discouraged. 

Team Coaching aligns the entire team towards an outcome and links individual developmental goals to real strategic deliverables.

Our coaching offers a rigorously customized program designed to provide practical, long-term solutions to the specific business challenges faced by senior management teams. 

Our Approach To Team Alignment:

• Ensures buy-in to the team’s priorities.

• Identifies and communicates expectations of each individual to improve the ability of the group to meet its goals.

• Clarifies individual roles and responsibilities and the most significant obstacles that must be overcome.

Unlike traditional team building events that impart fleeting and vague notions of cohesion, our process focuses exclusively on how relationships between individuals are supporting or undermining real business objectives. We assists the leader and his/her reports in increasing understanding regarding each executive’s priorities, roles and workloads, and consensus on how to best achieve maximum alignment, particularly where members depend on each other to achieve shared goals.

Six-Month Tailored Coaching Journey

  • Customized 1:1 Coaching: Monthly personalized coaching sessions for the leaders, designed to focus on individual strengths, areas for improvement, and professional growth.
  • Insightful Assessment-Based Approach: Utilize assessments to pinpoint each leader's strengths, potential blind spots, and growth opportunities, ensuring targeted development.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Through monthly group sessions, participants reinforce their learning and drive behavioral changes, creating a culture of mutual accountability and continuous improvement.
  • Practical, Problem-Based Learning: Leaders actively apply new skills to real-time organizational challenges, fostering immediate applicability and impact.
  • Optimized Efficiency: Experience impactful 90-minute group coaching sessions monthly, maximizing learning without the need for time-intensive training events.
  • Unified Learning Experience: Create a cohesive team environment where leaders develop a shared language and toolkit, enhancing team dynamics and efficiency.
  • Individualized and Collective Growth: While learning as a group, each participant also integrates lessons on a personal level, allowing for tailored improvement and application.
  • Sustainable Development: Post-program, teams continue to leverage peer coaching, ensuring the longevity and ongoing impact of their learning journey.

 Embark on a transformative experience that not only enhances leadership capabilities but also strengthens team cohesion and organizational impact. Connect with us to bring this dynamic leadership evolution to your team.



"Thank you for taking the time to work with our team. The lessons were priceless!" ~ Joshua Voigt, Kohler 


"Everyone walked away feeling good about learning something they can apply to their day-to-day, which will better themselves and their teams. That was the goal! Mission accomplished." ~ K Patey, News Director



Why Partner with Polly Meyer for Executive Coaching?

ICF Certified, Results-Driven Executive Coaching: As an ICF Approved Certified Executive Coach, I bring a blend of accredited expertise and a proven track record in transforming leadership dynamics. My experience spans a diverse array of organizations, including CBS Paramount, HCMC, Honeywell, Hormel, 3M, Ecolab, and Minnesota State Senators and House Representatives. I collaborate closely with business leaders, HR professionals, and key stakeholders to deliver cutting-edge, bespoke leadership education and experiences.

Additional Advanced Certifications: Executive Coaching (CEC), Leadership Development (Blanchard), Motivational Interviewing and Strength Based Coaching

Strategic Methodology for Tailored Growth: My approach is grounded in a clear methodology. Utilizing comprehensive assessments and rich stakeholder feedback, we pinpoint your strengths, uncover areas for growth, and identify opportunities. This process leads to a customized coaching program intricately linked to both your personal aspirations and your organization's strategic goals, with a strong emphasis on accountability throughout the journey.

Tangible, Measurable Outcomes: The impact of our collaboration is measurable. Depending on the chosen format, mid-point and post-program assessments and surveys are employed to continuously refine your program, ensuring alignment with your professional, personal, and organizational performance objectives.

Professional Acting & News Room Expertise: A Unique Edge: Leveraging my decade-long experience as a professionally trained commercial actor, corporate spokesperson, professional speaker, and news reporter, I share industry insider tips and strategies. These insights are invaluable in enhancing your communication skills and executive presence.

Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

For personalized services and tailored pricing options, reach out to me at [email protected]. Let's embark on a journey to unlock your full leadership potential.


Commitment to Your Growth

Please note that individual results may vary as they are influenced by personal effort, qualities, knowledge, and various other factors. While I can't guarantee specific outcomes, I am committed to providing you with the tools and guidance necessary for your success. Executive coaching requires dedication and effort, and I am here to support you every step of the way in your personal growth journey.


See for yourself how this training can transform you into a more confident and trusted leader. A limited number of training scholarships are available each year.


Testimonial: "My confidence has really ramped up and I am seeing it come across on air. I have seen noticeable improvements in my communications and I am really happy with such big improvements in my craft." Lisa M, News Meteorologist 



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