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Command the Room. Connect with Teams. Conquer the Dialogue.

Your leadership voice is your most potent tool. In the new normal of virtual and hybrid teams, mastering executive and public speaking is crucial. My programs are crafted to make sure your message is not just heard, but felt and remembered.

“I feel like you’ve flipped a light switch on for me.”  Luis M, Project Director, Banking Industry


Focused Private Coaching for Dynamic Leadership

My private coaching is designed to refine your communication skills, making you not only an effective leader within your own team but also a persuasive cross-functional influencer. You'll learn to:

  • Master Intra-Team Communication: Cultivate a leadership language that inspires your team and fosters a culture of open dialogue and shared vision.
  • Navigate Cross-Functional Dynamics: Build bridges across departments with communication strategies that break down silos and encourage collaborative success.
  • Elevate Meeting Leadership: Lead meetings that drive action and decision-making, whether they're intimate team huddles or expansive cross-departmental gatherings.
  • Influence and Persuade: Use your communication prowess to influence outcomes and motivate teams towards common organizational goals.

Through my tailored coaching programs, you'll emerge as a leader renowned for your ability to connect, influence, and lead effectively at all levels of your organization.



“I feel like a leader for the first time. I may have held this role, but now I feel like a leader in this organization. My opinion is valued and people seek me out for my advice. Thank you.” Shelly S. Talent Development - Hormel


Collaborative Workshops for Team Development 

Elevate your team's synergy and communication efficacy with our specially designed workshops. By integrating the DISC assessment, we facilitate a deeper understanding of individual and collective communication styles, fostering a harmonious and productive team environment.

  • Strategic Storytelling: Craft narratives that align your team's diverse voices towards a singular, impactful message.
  • Executive Presence: Empower your team to project confidence and unity in every interaction.
  • Effective Meeting Communication: Enhance dialogue within meetings, ensuring clarity, purpose, and engagement from every team member.
  • DISC Communication Insights: Utilize DISC assessments to appreciate and leverage the unique communication styles within your team, enabling better collaboration and understanding.
  • Team Presentation Mastery: Deliver presentations that demonstrate a cohesive and compelling team dynamic to stakeholders.

Our workshops are more than learning experiences—they are transformative sessions that turn individual contributors into cohesive unit, poised to excel in both internal communication and external representation.

TESTIMONIAL: "Fantastic job! You are clearly a pro and made the whole process effortless. Several people have already requested you back for future sessions. Thanks again!" Heather Y. Sr. Learning & Organizational Development Consultant 


Workshops for Team Presentation Excellence 

Virtual and in-house workshops offered for your team members.

Unlock the collective strength of your team with workshops designed to foster unity and amplify each member's voice. My workshops equip your team to deliver compelling presentations that captivate stakeholders and win contracts:

  • Strategic Storytelling: Weave a narrative that aligns with your team’s goals and resonates with your audience.
  • Commanding Executive Presence: Build a collective presence that exudes confidence and cohesion.
  • Team Presentation Dynamics: Learn to present as a unified front, showcasing seamless cooperation and shared leadership.
  • Media Training for Teams: Ensure your team communicates a consistent, strategic message to the press.
  • Body Language Synchronization: Harmonize non-verbal communication for an impactful, unified team presentation.

Engage me for a tailored workshop and watch your team transform into a dynamic force, capable of delivering powerful presentations that drive success.

Email me now, and let discuss your executive speaking goals. 

TESTIMONIAL: "I got so much out of our workshop that I will be applying in the weeks and years to come!" Tracie B Technical and Application Engineering Manager


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