Never Boring

High Energy. Impactful. Memorable.

Polly delivers high energy, high touch, high impact presentations that  are talked about long after the event ends.


On-Stage and Virtual Experiences.


The truth is, Polly has been giving presentations in front of cameras and entertaining audiences for years. As a professional commercial actor, Polly has appeared in hundreds of commercials and corporate videos, and she knows how to keep audiences entertained, engaged, and feeling personally connected to the learning experience.


Her decade-plus experience in creating transformational keynotes and training means she knows how to structure stories and content to motivate, inspire and increase learning for attendees. Her stories bring insights, ah-ha moments and actionable solutions while inspiring leaders to make their own powerful shifts.


Prefer a virtual speaker? Polly’s virtual keynotes and seminars are highly tailored to the needs of your organization. From her multi-camera, multi-set broadcasting studio, Polly hosts live experiences that are professionally produced and extremely engaging. She has developed a unique, powerful approach to deliver phenomenal results to any location. 



"Your virtual presentation was educational and FUN! You'r a very skilled facilitator. You met and exceeded expectations!" Heather, Sr. Learning Consultant


"You definitely exceeded my expectations for what I was hoping to get out of the day!" Cynthia G. Financial Institution






Rise Stronger:  Meeting the Make-or-Break Moments that Lie Ahead - Discover how Executive Presence and Resilience come into play after experiencing setbacks.


Expand Your Influence: Building Your Power Base and Influence to Achieve Results - Develop the trust, credibility, and the relationships you need to deliver superior results.


Assertiveness Training for Women in Business: Gain Confidence, Credibility, and Command Respect


Executive Presence in the Virtual World: Making a powerful impression in virtual environments demands all new rules.


Media Training Workshop - Full Day

Presentation Skills Workshop - Full Day

Team Presentation Workshop - Full Day

On-Camera Presence Workshop for Your Senior Leaders & Spokespeople - Full Day


Polly is a Member of the National Speakers Association


"Polly, thank you for making our event so special! I have been standing and sitting tall because of you!" ~ Elaine Wyatt, Director, Women Venture
"Fantastic, Polly! It was so inspiring and empowering watching you speak at emPOWER this year! Can't wait to watch this episode and learn even more from you. You are an incredible leader and teacher for our community!" Stephanie N, Founder at Sequoia & Co. 
I am OBSESSED with your audience being engaged, having fun, and having so many take-aways from the presentation. This is MY GOAL! I can't wait to be a part of your on-stage, workshops, and virtual events!   

Polly Meyer



"I got so much out of our workshop that I will be applying in the next few weeks and years to come!  Not the least of which will be regular practice of my new power pose." Tracie B, Technical and Application Engineering Manager 3M


I'm excited to hear about your team or event, and your objectives!


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