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Polly Meyer: The Voice of Transformative Leadership

Elevate Your Event with a Speaker Who Inspires Lasting Change

Welcome to the World of Polly Meyer

Discover a speaker who blends expertise in executive coaching with the charisma of a seasoned commercial actor. Polly Meyer is not just a speaker; she's a catalyst for transformation. Her unique approach weaves powerful insights with engaging storytelling, leaving audiences not only inspired but equipped with practical tools to enact real change.


Keynote Speeches That Resonate and Inspire

Polly's keynotes are more than talks‚ÄĒthey are experiences. Each presentation is a journey, taking her audience from inspiration to action. Her signature keynotes include:

  • "Rise Stronger: Meeting the Make-or-Break Moments" Uncover the resilience and executive presence needed to turn challenges into triumphs. Polly delves into the art of overcoming setbacks with grace and emerging stronger.

  • "Expand Your Influence: Building Your Power Base" Learn the secrets of building trust, credibility, and relationships that yield results. Polly shares strategies for leaders to enhance their influence and achieve greater impact.



"Your virtual presentation was educational and FUN! You'r a very skilled facilitator. You met and exceeded expectations!" Heather, Sr. Learning Consultant


"You definitely exceeded my expectations for what I was hoping to get out of the day!" Cynthia G. Financial Institution 


Why Polly Meyer?

  • Unmatched Energy: Polly brings an infectious enthusiasm to every event, captivating her audience with a dynamic blend of passion and presence.

  • Tailored Content: Each keynote is carefully crafted to align with your event's theme and goals, ensuring a message that resonates deeply with your audience.

  • Lasting Impact: Attendees leave with actionable insights and a renewed sense of purpose. Polly's talks are remembered long after the event ends, continuing to inspire and motivate.



Select from a range of empowering keynotes and workshops, or let me customize a unique program specifically aligned with your organization's objectives. 


Rise Stronger:  Meeting the Make-or-Break Moments that Lie Ahead

This keynote speech unveils the crucial role of Executive Presence and Resilience in overcoming setbacks. Learn to navigate challenging situations with poise and emerge stronger. We’ll explore strategies to maintain composure under pressure, build resilience, and leverage your executive presence to turn obstacles into opportunities. Perfect for anyone looking to thrive in the face of adversity and shape a path of enduring success.


Expand Your Influence: Building Your Power Base and Influence to Achieve Results 

In this engaging presentation, delve into the art of building a strong foundation of trust, credibility, and strategic relationships. Learn how to leverage these elements effectively to not only enhance your influence but also achieve exceptional results. The audience walks away with practical tools and insights for cultivating a network of support, mastering the dynamics of influence, and driving impactful outcomes in their professional sphere. Perfect for leaders and aspiring influencers who aim to elevate their ability to navigate complex environments and deliver outstanding performance.


Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

Elevate your professional presence with this targeted workshop for women. Learn to communicate with confidence, build your brand, and assertively navigate the business world. This session equips you with strategies to overcome barriers to assertiveness, allowing you to voice your opinions firmly and respectfully. Ideal for women seeking to boost their confidence and decision-making prowess in the workplace.


Charisma in Leadership: The Role of Executive Presence 

Understand the role of charisma in effective leadership. This presentation breaks down the components of executive presence, demonstrating how charisma, combined with clarity of vision and communication, can significantly boost your leadership capabilities.



  1. Media Training Workshop - Full Day: Master the art of media communication with our intensive full-day Media Training Workshop. This workshop is designed to equip you with the skills to navigate interviews confidently, manage public appearances, and convey your message effectively across various media platforms. Perfect for reporters, anchors, media talent, and anyone looking to enhance their media presence and deliver their message with clarity and impact. The day ends with mock interviews, including cameras, microphones, and lighting.

  2. Presentation Skills Workshop - Full Day: Elevate your presentation skills to new heights in our full-day workshop. Tailored for professionals at all levels, this workshop focuses on crafting compelling narratives, engaging audiences, and delivering presentations with confidence and charisma. You will leave with the tools and techniques to captivate your audience, whether in the boardroom or on the big stage.

  3. Team Presentation Workshop - Full Day: Transform your team's presentation capabilities with our dynamic full-day Team Presentation Workshop. This session is designed to foster effective collaboration, enhance group communication skills, and refine your team's presentation strategies. Ideal for teams aiming to present a unified, persuasive front in client pitches, stakeholder meetings, or public events.

  4. Spokesperson Workshop - Full Day: Step into the role of a spokesperson with poise and professionalism in our comprehensive full-day Spokesperson Workshop. Learn how to represent your organization with authority, handle challenging questions, and communicate key messages to different audiences. This workshop is essential for anyone tasked with being the face and voice of their organization or campaign. The day ends with mock interviews, including cameras, microphones, and lighting.


What people are saying...

"Polly, thank you for making our event so special! I have been standing and sitting tall because of you!" ~ Elaine Wyatt, Director, Women Venture
"Fantastic, Polly! It was so inspiring and empowering watching you speak at emPOWER this year! Can't wait to watch this episode and learn even more from you. You are an incredible leader and teacher for our community!" Stephanie N, Founder at Sequoia & Co. 

Engage Polly for Your Next Event

Ready to transform your next conference, workshop, or virtual event? Polly Meyer is the speaker who will bring your event to life with insightful, empowering, and unforgettable presentations.


Contact us to book Polly for your next event and set the stage for an extraordinary experience.


"I am PASSIONATE about creating an unforgettable experience for your audience. My focus is on delivering ENGAGING, ENJOYABLE, and RICHLY informative presentations that leave a lasting impact. It's my goal to ensure everyone walks away with VALUABLE INSIGHTS and ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES. I eagerly look forward to contributing to your events, both on-stage and online. Let's make them memorable together!"



"I got so much out of our workshop that I will be applying in the next few weeks and years to come!  Not the least of which will be regular practice of my new power pose." Tracie B, Technical and Application Engineering Manager 3M


I'm excited to hear about your team or event, and your objectives!


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