For Managers who Speak to Decision-Makers and Stakeholders



Speak, present and communicate with poise, power and persuasion.

6 Full Hours of 1:1 Training

How You Will Benefit

Whether it’s a high-stakes meeting, a hallway chat with a colleague, or presenting information to the entire organization, failure to get the right message across can be costly.

As a manager, this training is necessary because you are required to communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization – from the boardroom to your direct reports.

This customized private coaching puts you on the fast-track to nailing your communications as a manager. You choose this format because you demand coaching that’s intensive, its tailored to your role as a manager, it's results-oriented, and highly confidential.

This course grooms you to communicate effectively, whether you're speaking to an individual decision-maker or to an entire room full of them.

The training includes a Personal Development Plan. Accountability is built into the program for the duration of the training program. 

You Will Learn How To:

  • Generate buy-in from direct reports and stakeholders.

  • Communicate in a clear, engaging way that wins strong support for your ideas and proposals.

  • Speak and think with greater clarity and purpose, stressing key ideas that benefit your department and company.

  • Shape and organize your presentations and conversations for maximum impact.
  • Maintain poise and composure when under fire and in times of heightened stress.

  • Remain flexible and adaptable in response to uncertainty.

  • Influence without authority.

  • Tame your nervousness when speaking to stakeholders.

  • Engage listeners, develop your content, and become more persuasive.


What You Will Cover:

Fundamentals of Executive Speaking Skills

  • Identify the elements of a good presentation and persuasive conversations.
  • Delivering presentations with impact.
  • The effective use of voice, action, image and language in public speaking and persuasive conversations.
  • Connecting with the listener or audience.
  • Developing the mindset for optimal performance when speaking to stakeholders.


Delivery Skills

  • Role playing in stakeholder conversations and delivering presentations are important aspects of this training to increase the confidence and skills of the speaker.
  • You will learn and apply strategies to positively address speech anxiety.
  • Practice articulation methods.
  • Learn how to use the spotlight method and tailored body language when needing to influence without authority.


Six Full Hours of 1:1 Training!

Location: Minneapolis or available via video conferencing


You can cancel without penalty at any time up to one week prior to your start date. If you provide less than one week notice, you will be liable for the entire program fee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed—I guarantee the quality of my programs. In fact, 98% of clients say they would recommend my training to their colleagues. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this communications training for which you have paid, I will give you credit toward another training program of comparable price or will refund your fee.

I'm excited to work with you!

Your trainer,

Polly Meyer


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"Polly Meyer is a rare gem, a gift, a force, and a fixer! I have lived with my traumatic brain injury for 18 years but no one took the time to help me sort out my cascading thoughts, rhythm and timing ! If you've met me you know I talk quickly! It is especially hard after a brain injury because if you have lost memory and words before you quickly spit out or "have no filter" as some say because you are plain scared of forgetting!!! After a decade of not sharing my story of living with a traumatic brain injury I am booking gigs !!! Polly works with CEOs, political candidates, and people like me striving for constant improvement! Polly, your positivity radiates. Your presence commands. The lessons you have taught me, I will take with me each day! Each of us who works with you knows what a special and rare gift you are! "

Holly Kostrzewski
One of Minnesota’s Top 20 under 40, Duluth, MN

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