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Are you ready to take your confidence, charisma, and executive presence to the next level?

I'm Polly Meyer,

And I have a couple questions for you...

Are you getting overlooked for opportunities, projects, and promotions? Are you talented, smart, and qualified, yet your colleagues and competitors are the ones getting recognized?  

Please allow me to speak directly to you:

You have skills and ambition, and you work hard - but these don't always determine success... 

What?! I know... your work should speak for itself, right.

But here's the unvarnished truth. if you are unremarkable or lack polish, you will have a much harder time getting decision-makers to invest in you, listen to your ideas, or consider you for advancement.  

This transformational online course gives you the techniques and strategies of the pros, and is designed to give you a competitive and charismatic edge. You will learn to increase your magnetism, master your people skills, and start getting noticed for all the right reasons.

This is a step-by-step transformational training program that teaches smart, effective strategies to increase your confidence, feel more at ease in conversations, and develop a leadership mindset. 

More importantly, you'll learn how build and cultivate your executive presence. You'll be given the exact formula you need to see results, and the actionable steps can be implemented immediately into your every day life. This course will take you from knowing nothing about executive presence, to teaching you how to think, communicate, and behave like an effective, charismatic leader

Who is this program for?

It was designed with you in mind!

What people are saying...

Recommending to ALL my friends!

"Wow, this course exceeded my expectations! I work in public relations, pageant coaching, and politics, all of which require the skills I learned from this course. These skills should be taught in every school! I will be sending this course to my colleagues, pageant clients, and friends running for office! This course gave me the skills I needed to impress my boss at work, be a better pageant coach, and network better during my political engagements. I will be back for more! WOW!"   J. Coleman - Public Relations


This course was an enlightening experience for me!

"It is a very comprehensive course that can improve a person's social interactions. The techniques and tips shared by Polly Meyer made a difference in both my professional and personal life. Not only were the video sections interesting to view, but they were also just fun! Some of my favorites were: "The Hook", "The Sullivan Nod", and "Awkward Silence". Polly's examples throughout the videos were captivating because a person could truly relate to many of them. The workbooks and the PDF's at the end of each section were an added bonus because they helped me review the material and personalize it. I can honestly say that I will value the advice, techniques and methods that I have learned in this course for many years to come. Rated 5 out of 5"    L. Steele, Diabetes Educator 


A set of go-to strategies!

"Polly Meyer has compiled a wealth of practical, easy to implement tips into her online course, The Art and Science of Extraordinary Executive Presence. In 6 weeks (more or less - take it at your own pace), Polly shares advice that will help you form a positive first impression, take control of your mindset, fight the urge to fidget in meetings, improve your confidence, and build positive relationships with others. One key recommendation that I've put into practice: "make a habit of dominating the listening." If you are looking for a set of go-to strategies that will help you connect effectively with others in business and social situations, this is the course for you! Rated 5 out of 5"   J. Parker - Project Manager


Take this course - it will change how you show up in life!

"A friend of mine recommended Polly's course and it was definitely worth taking. If you are looking for a way to up your executive presence or even work on enhancing your confidence, this course will help you focus on both. I have incorporated a number of the lessons in my work life and have since gone after and received a promotion. The positivity flows into the rest of your life and makes a huge difference. As part of the experience I was connected to other people taking the course in the Success Circle, where I learned from them as well, and Polly continues to stay in touch even after I have completed the course.

Polly - thank you so much for the ongoing support and inspiration! I appreciate how you stay connected and open up possibilities to those of us who have taken your course."  Mari P.


Steps me up to the next level!

Thank you Polly so much for showing me how to step up to the next level. Her ability to bring out my best side, in the right situations, to give the impression that I want. This course has taught me to make the right impressions, to lead the conversations and make the right connections.

The results are instantaneous and I can see the reactions in the people I meet, the people I know and the people I want to get to know. Learning to use my charisma has elevated my confidence and put me in better situations. Thanks again."  Bryan B, Project Manager



Make no mistake, executive presence matters.

The potent elixir of confidence, charisma, and a dynamic brand can help you become more popular, feel more poised in social situations, and stand out amongst competitors.

Inside the membership site you'll have access to over 80 videos created to lay out exactly what you need to know and what you need to do to achieve a higher level of executive presence.

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either. You’ll get sensible, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately.

‚ÄčYou'll get actionable Hero Habits.  These are step-by-step guides that show you how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life. And you'll receive downloadable work-books to bring you deeper into the lessons.  

‚ÄčEven if you feel like your reputation today is so far from your target that you can’t even see it, this course will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey. As long as you put the strategies and techniques into action, you'll see solid gains and move closer to your goals.

This Signature Online Course is broken into SIX modules that are designed to build your confidence, develop your mindset, and get you inspiring and impressing everyone you meet.

The videos are fully loaded and you can work at your own pace. The daily action videos take just a few minutes to watch, and anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes to implement. I promise not to overwhelm you with training materials, because I know you're busy creating a kick-ass life! Instead, I'll take you step-by-step through this empowering journey. 

‚ÄčPlus, you’re a member for the life of the program. That's at least two years of unlimited access! 

‚ÄčSo if you’re working a full time job, several part-time jobs, getting married, having a baby, traveling around the world, or dealing with any big life events during the program, don’t worry about falling behind. You can revisit and review the training materials any time for as long as the program exists. ‚Äč

Sign up right now and you'll get over 80 videos, handbooks, hero habits, and bonuses (value $7,000).

Module 1 ~ Make Killer First Impressions

  • Discover what you need to do before you even enter a room
  • Learn body language hacks you need to master‚Äč

  • Radiate a powerful, relaxed and vibrant executive presence that inspires decision makers‚Äč and creates buy-in

  • Rapidly build trust

  • Learn the formulas for taming nervousness

  • Video breakdowns of First Great Impressions for you to emulate 

  • Charismatic mindset - Part 1

Module 2 ~ The Art of Dazzling Conversations

  • Creating conversation sparks that make you more memorable

  • How to avoid awkward moments of silence

  • Develop engaged rapport so that you quickly make people more interested in connecting on a deeper level

  • Breaking in to an existing conversation

  • The formula for the best ways to introduce people

  • How to end a conversation gracefully‚Äč

  • Charismatic mindset - Part 2

Module 3 ~ How to Captivate and Light Up A Room

  • How to tell your story in a way that intrigues people

  • Greeting others in a way that makes them melt

  • Learn to express warmth and develop your signature presence

  • Take everyday normal occurrences and turn them into engaging stories

  • Video breakdowns of the world's best story tellers

  • Charismatic mindset - Part 3

Module 4 ~ How to Get the Best From People & Motivate Them to Take Action

  • Discover what undermines your executive presence and influence

  • How to get people excited about what you want them to do

  • Learn to speed read people and use their value language to develop rapport rapidly and gain buy-in

  • Using the Ripple Effect to influence those around you

  • Discover and share your motivating "Why"

  • The principle of "You, Not I" 

Module 5 - Look Like A Leader, Even If You're Not

  • Learn to speak like a leader so you command attention

  • What to do with your hands, eyes, and body to create a commanding presence

  • Combining strength with warmth to make a powerful impact

  • Listening exercises that boost your executive presence‚Äč

  • Charismatic mindset - Part 4

Module 6 - Unshakable Confidence

  • Build internal power and confidence to prevent "imposter syndrome"

  • Inner game exercises that help you quell self-doubt

  • Science-backed practices that move you from nervousness to confidence in less than two minutes

  • How to keep your confidence going strong in groups of people, so you don't clam up or retreat into the safety of your comfort zone 

  • How to avoid the confidence-sucking comparison trap

Added Bonuses

#1  Dressing for the Occasion - Infographic

With this Infographic in hand to cracking dress codes, you'll always know what to wear for the occasion.

Want to fit in? This has got you covered!

Want to stand out? You'll learn how to show up in style!

‚ÄčThis is your go-to guide to help you navigate ANY casual, business, or formal affair.

Bonus #2  6 Mistakes that Kill Your Charisma

In this bonus PDF, discover the little things you're doing that are leaving a negative impression on others. You'll learn the common mistakes and get the quick fixes.

Follow these tips and you'll be much more aware of how you're coming across to other people. You'll be raising your executive presence, charisma, and confidence in no time!

Bonus #3  Engaging Conversation Starters

How many times have you engaged someone in a conversation, only to leave feeling awkward and slightly embarrassed? ‚Äč

Download this PDF, that's chock-full of engaging and effective conversation starters. Discover how asking the right questions at the right time can increase your executive presence and boost your charisma!


To cover all of this goodness in my private coaching sessions, it would require an investment of 6 months and $7,000. Is it worth the $5,000? Absolutely! My clients go on to land their dream jobs, win elections, give killer presentations, increase their business and social networks, gain new clients and make greater sales.

But I want to make this more affordable for you.

So I'm making the course available for just $297. I almost priced it at $497, and I could have. But I don't want cost to be an issue for you.


It's just $297 for the course!

You get instant access to six weeks of video-based training, access to Success Circle - a private and growth-minded Facebook community, Hero Habits, workbooks, and 3 amazing bonuses.

This signature course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not seeing any results after 30 days, such as greater confidence, more engaging conversations, or displaying gravitas, just let me know and I'll refund your money.

All you need to do is show me your homework and completed journals so I know you did the work, and I will refund your money. 

‚ÄčWould it be worth $297 to have me show you the powerful strategies that will help grow your confidence, increase your executive presence and your charisma, and set you apart from your competitors?

Wouldn’t you agree that if you implemented just one of my strategies you’d get a positive return on your investment by knowing that you’re intentionally moving your life forward and closer to your goals?

After all your hard work, and all you've overcome, don't you think you deserve to start getting noticed for the right reasons, so you can make the impact you're wanting to make in your career and personal life?

I do.

I want to help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my signature course, The Art & Science of Extraordinary Executive Presence.

Just watch the video at the top of this page. And read all the details you want. But whatever you do, do yourself this extraordinary favor today: SIGNUP. If you don't love it, cancel within 30 days for a full refund. 


You have the desire to stand out and make an impact on the world around you.

If you're ready to commit to this, there's never going to be a better time than right now.‚Äč


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