Dealing With Difficult People at Work

Dealing with difficult people at work

I was asked by a client how to work with prickly personalities. The question reminded me of when I fell into this spiny little bugger as I was hiking through Red Rock. Not only did it cut me, it left a bruise.

Now that we're heading back to brick and mortar offices, we can't avoid the prickly personalities like we used to. Here are a few strategies to help you avoid getting pricked by the cactus you work with:

1. Don't take their jabs personally. It could be that they're struggling with something that you don't know about. Empathy for this individual may be required.

2. Their perceived sharp tongue might just come down to their communication style. Often times, individuals are simply unaware of how they're coming across to others and are shocked when they learn that people view them as unapproachable.

3. Develop rapport. Take the time to get to know the cactus in your workplace. Making an effort to get to know someone, their interests,...

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