Executive Speaking: An Underrated Secret of Success

I want to give you a simple yet genius technique that will help you be more powerful, charismatic and persuasive — in just 3 seconds flat.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Pause.


When you’re in a conversation, a pause of silence gives you the wonderful opportunity to listen and to make an impact on the people around you.


Being a really good listener is one of the most underrated secrets of success. Its crucial if you want to be more charismatic, more persuasive, and a better negotiator.


Plus, truly listening to someone and having them feel that they were truly heard is one of the biggest gifts you can ever give. The pause gives you presence. And people can feel it.


The problem is, most of us suck at listening, and we don’t even know it. We’re always interrupting people with our points of view, feedback and ideas.


But when you remain quiet and just zip it shut, you’ll be surprised how often people will open up and reveal more and more about themselves, find new things to talk about, and discover powerful insights about themselves.


Don’t get me wrong, remaining silent can feel awkward and uncomfortable. But its worth it! You’ll leave conversations feeling more connected and more intimate.


Don’t let the simplicity of this strategy fool you. It can change your life and, more importantly, the lives of those around you.


In every conversation and every confrontation you may come across, know that someone will always be asking:


Are you listening to me? Did you hear what I have to say? Do I matter to you?


Your challenge this week is to listen more than you speak. When someone comes to an end of a sentence, remain silent for a few seconds before contributing your feedback or opinion. Remember, the most important thing you can do for another human being is to validate their existence. So be brave, be silent, and listen.


Thank you so much for reading and sharing. The privilege of your time and attention is something I never take for granted.


All the best,






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