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Enhance leadership presence | Develop high-potentials | On-board new hires | Develop underperformers

High-performing companies around the world provide their most valuable leaders with executive coaching.

Transforming your high-potentials into authentic leaders

Do you realize that your strongest future leaders are already within your organization? Uncover their potential, and help them develop and master the results-driven leadership skills that will benefit your company.

I have programs to fit all levels. My high-impact leadership development programs will always link learning with your unique organizational objectives. Right from the start, I'll take time to understand your business culture, the real-world everyday challenges your leaders face and the outcomes you need. The result? Highly tailored programs that deliver long-term benefits for your organization.

  • Self-aware leaders who engage and can collaborate across organizational functions and hierarchies.
  • Leaders who can master complexity, clearly articulate goals and influence others to achieve them.
  • Great communicators who can manage people up and down the organization.

A range of flexible leadership programs, designed around your needs

Depending on your organizational or personal objectives, I offer customized 1:1 training and workshops to deliver a range of solutions. Here are just a few of them:

  • Managing the transition into new leadership roles
  • Effective communication skills
  • Developing executive presence
  • How to create buy-in and deal with conflict
  • Increasing emotional and social intelligence
  • Managing change and uncertainty
  • Networking effectively and building relationships

Your leaders will be supported every step of the way.

CBS, EcoLab, Honeywell, HCMC, State of Minnesota, La'Bri Cosmetics, LadyBoss, NordicClick - a wide range of organizations have already benefited from my tailored workshops and coaching programs. Read more about me.


A transparent methodology, with results that can be measured

These aren’t just one-off initiatives or one-size-fits-all workshops. The key to genuine engagement and long-term behavioral change is to keep the momentum going.

Pre-program assessments and interviews will establish objectives – the current reality and what the new reality should look like. We’ll talk strategy and organizational culture, get to know the system and your leaders’ place in it. We’ll look at existing behaviors, highlight strengths and opportunities for improvement in light of stakeholder feedback and required leadership competencies.

In a safe and confidential environment your leaders will learn how to coach themselves towards improved performance. We’ll test out ideas together, offer options and alternatives, ask insightful questions that guide them towards finding answers to their challenges. As a result, learning sticks and new behaviors become habits.

More options to make learning stick

I offer several follow-up options after a program’s formal conclusion, giving organizations and participants the opportunity to get continued guidance and support and make new behaviors and skills stick, including:

  • Follow-up interviews and assessments after 1, 3 and 6 months will analyze progress in developing and sustaining newly-learned behaviors and skills.
  • Laser-coaching sessions by video conference, phone, or in-person in my Minneapolis studio. 
  • Executive coaching and other custom solutions will ensure alignment of leader development with organizational goals.

Find out how my training can transform your high-potentials into motivated leaders who get results, long after the workshops are over. 



And for the Managers...

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