Networking in the Digital Age: Rediscovering the Power of Personal Connections

 In an age where digital connections are just a click away, it's ironic how isolated we often feel. Despite the ease of connecting online, there's a palpable hunger for more genuine, face-to-face interactions.

As we navigate this digital landscape, traditional networking has taken a back seat. Feedback from my clients reflects a strong desire to rejuvenate personal networks and establish meaningful connections.

Networking is way more than just climbing the career ladder—it's about making real, personal ties with others. Sure, you can kick things off on social media, but let’s be honest, it's those real, in-the-flesh chats that really stick with you.

So how can you make networking more meaningful? Find a hobby that overlaps with your professional interests. If you're a car enthusiast like my husband, Robert, attend local car shows and racing meetups. These settings provide a relaxed environment for genuine connections.

For sports fans, joining a local sports league...

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Graceful Self-Promotion

We all know that one person at work — you know, the self-centered, annoyingly successful, blowhard who takes every opportunity to brag about his own work. “Did you hear that I landed the Boothman account? Yessssssss!!”

Ugh. (Insert eye roll here.)

Meanwhile, you keep your head down and work hard, holding fast to the belief that your work should speak for itself, and when it does, you'll get the recognition you deserve.

Let’s do a reality check here. Is this approach reeeeeally working for you?

Most of us aren’t great at self-promotion. But quite honestly, you're not doing yourself any favors by keeping quiet or playing small. Like it or not, promoting yourself at work is crucial, and your success depends on it.

In its most simplistic form, self-promoting comes down to this: You let your co-workers and your bosses know what you do, what you excel in, and what you accomplish in your job.

But if you're not sure how to start, I’m excited to share some...

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