Your Killer Avatar

Does your avatar capture the interest of potential clients?

I'm working with a client to develop her digital brand into something that will capture the interest of her potential clients. One of the elements we worked on today was her Avatar, the photo(s) she uses on social media and on her coaching website.

Your avatar is your visual representation of your professional persona and your BEST authentic self. Your avatar should be interesting and not bland. It should represent your personality, but also demonstrate strength and warmth. Because strength demonstrates certainty, and people pay for certainty. And warmth gets people to like and trust you. So both need to be considered.

Rather than just posting a photo, put some thought into how you want others to perceive you. Because your avatar is often the first impression we have of you, and that first impression carries a lot of weight.

What images and colors come to mind when you think of quirky, confident, creative, smart,  driven, charismatic, joyful, likable, or imaginative? What qualities do you want people to discern when they see your avatar?

You want to stand out for all the right reasons, so AVOID BORING COLORS that won't get a second look, and take a peek at the avatars of people you admire to get fresh ideas. It takes courage to be something less than conventional, but courage is a strong quality that attracts clients!

I'd love to see your avatars, and I'd be happy to weigh in with a few suggestions to make them stand out! If you're game, send them to me privately via email me at [email protected]

How did you choose your digital avatar? Was it taken by a professional or on your cell phone? Did you put thought into the personality of the avatar you chose to use? Or the colors you wore? Or the background? 

This could be interesting...




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