International Women's Day 2022

As a woman in a leadership position, carving out a space for yourself at the top can be quite satisfying. Especially when you know that you're paving the way for others.

We owe our respect and gratitude to the rebels and risk-takers who have come before us.

And here's to the women in the ranks, the ambitious trailblazers, executives and leaders striving to make an even greater impact for women in organizations, growing their spheres of influence, and excelling at new levels in their careers.

As an executive coach, there's nothing more rewarding than working with women who want to excel and break through glass ceilings.

Wear your high heels, Ladies. Because there is glass everywhere.


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International Women's Day 2022


To women. To the risk-takers and the rebels. To their ambition and drive. To their compassion and humanity. To their deep love and undeniable strengths. To the mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. We celebrate you.

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Creating a Culture of Teamwork - Lessons from the Tough Mudder

Almost four years ago to the day, I was hit by a pickup truck. It took four months to learn how to walk again without assistance, and another three years of physical therapy to undo more of the lingering damage caused by the accident. 

So it meant a great deal to me to compete in the Tough Mudder 10-Mile Classic event last weekend. It’s a mud-soaked strength and endurance marathon that pushes you through mental and physical walls – or makes you jump over, swim through, or climb under them.

One of the biggest walls for me to get over was that I was running the course solo. It started out as a threesome, but my companions dropped out before race day. The 10-mile stretch had its moments of exhaustion and weakness-of-willpower, and a few of those obstacles laid me out flat after losing my grip on a rope or muddy wall. But I powered through and finished within a respectable time frame. Truly, it was an achievement for me. 

I won’t lie, I could barely move my...

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Shifting Your Campaign Tactics During Coronavirus

 The coronavirus has made running for office harder.  

Real politics are largely on hold, in-person events, knocking on doors, and lit drops are essentially banned. 

Fundraising requires a heightened sensitivity, as the smaller “grassroots” donors are increasingly concerned about the future of the economy and their own finances. 

But it has also emphasized the importance of state and local government. As candidates struggle with getting their message out in front of voters, they also have to think carefully about their tone. Because while there is a need to echo the sense of we’re all in this together, candidates still need to draw out the differences to not appear too partisan. 

This is a challenging time for every candidate, and you’re not alone in trying to figure all this out. 

If you’re an incumbent who has a decent amount of cash already in the bank, a large donor file, or have the support of a super PAC, this new...

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