International Women's Day 2022

As a woman in a leadership position, carving out a space for yourself at the top can be quite satisfying. Especially when you know that you're paving the way for others.

We owe our respect and gratitude to the rebels and risk-takers who have come before us.

And here's to the women in the ranks, the ambitious trailblazers, executives and leaders striving to make an even greater impact for women in organizations, growing their spheres of influence, and excelling at new levels in their careers.

As an executive coach, there's nothing more rewarding than working with women who want to excel and break through glass ceilings.

Wear your high heels, Ladies. Because there is glass everywhere.


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4 Surefire Ways to Rock Your Confidence

Today, this article is all about making confident and charismatic impressions.

Why is this so important? Because if you make a positive impression when first meeting someone, the rest of your relationship will be influenced by it, thereby tipping the scales in your favor.

On the other hand, a lousy first impression can prove almost impossible to overcome, often deciding the outcome of a meeting, job interview, or first date even if the rest of the interaction went pretty well.

So how can we make a charismatic and confident first impression?

As we covered in the previous articles, we know that people will jump to conclusions about others with very little information to support their gut feelings, and that we tend to trust the nonverbal over the verbal. So, if your body language is anti-charismatic, it doesn’t matter how great your message is. 

Make sense? 

If you display high confidence through your body language, people will tend to assume that you have...

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