Is it Really Shameless Self-Promotion?


 A better question to ask is, "Should there be shame at all in self-promotion?"

I mean, we’ve all heard the term, shameless self promotion. But where did we learn that self promotion is bad..?
If the work we put out into the world brings us joy, or confidence, or pride, why should we feel shame over it?
I think its because most of us aren’t the greatest at self-promotion, and selling ourselves can feel like we’re bragging, or worse, awkward.
I think this is crazy!
In fact, I have a different point of view on this topic.
My belief is that we were all born with gifts that are meant to serve this world. And if you don’t toot your own horn and self promote your gifts, then you are holding back valuable resources from those who need you most.
Once you untangle those feelings of shame from the expression of your unique gifts, then you can better serve the world.
And trust me, we need your gifts.
So consider your self-promotion a public service to us all.
I mean, even in your own life, how many times have you heard someone’s story and say, “OMG, you’re exactly what I’ve been needing! I’m so glad you said something.”
This is how I found my accountant, the studio where I work, and one of my favorite restaurants!
So what stops us from self-promotion?
So many of us shy away from self promotion because we think people won’t like us, or they’ll think we’re bragging, or that they’re judging us.
Well guess what?
They already judge you. They already think you’re bragging. And heck, some of them won't like you.
But that’s not everyone. And for those who are, well…that’s a reflection on them and their circumstances – It’s NOT A REFLECTION ON YOU!
So stand in your truth and strut your stuff.
Care more about getting your ideas out there and touching as many people as possible. Don’t care about being judged….because not being judged is pretty darn impossible.
What’s more important is having the courage to share how your gifts can change and influence those around you for the better.

You need to have more to talk about than just what you’re good at, or how you’re going to change the world! I mean, you would get pretty darn boring – FAST!
If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you have other things to talk about, and CELEBRATE other people. Find out what their gifts are and connect them to people who could use their talents and energy. It will UP your CHARISMA big time! 
Do you know someone who gets tripped up when it comes to self-promotion? Share this article with your colleague, sister, or friend – anyone you think who could use a little extra support to share what they’ve got.
With so much love and appreciation, lets acknowledge our gifts, share what we know, and serve the world.


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